Incumbent government will protect freedom of expression: PM Dahal

KATHMANDU: Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said the incumbent government, which has put democracy and civil rights in top priority, would always protect the freedom of expression.

At a program organized on the 39th Anniversary of Nepal Television here today, Prime Minister Dahal shared, “I believe in free democratic practice, not in control and direction. So, I want to see the broadcast contents following the basic norms of democracy, civil rights and freedom of expression in Nepal Television.”

Stressing that the first television of the country should be made updated as per the latest changes in information and communication sector, he mentioned that Nepal Television should not make any delay to establish its production and broadcasting through new technology.

The Prime Minister suggested the NTV to move ahead with a long-term plan and clear vision for the development of the organization, laying emphasis that it should produce its contents based on the interest of the general people.

Sharing the information that preparation was underway to pass the bill, which has been tabled in the Parliament to form a public service broadcasting organization by merging the Nepal Television and Radio Nepal, with timely revision, he added, “Prepare resolution for projects making positive impacts in coming days. I and the government will support it.”

PM Dahal explained, “Television is a combination of technology and talent,” pointing out the need of adopting the interest of spectators and audiences having access to digital platforms and internet access.

He also asked the Nepal Television to adopt high professionalism and creativeness, ensuring audience interest and facility to watch programmes in their convenient technology.

PM Dahal reminded that the government has been urging for adoption of self-regulation to make the media using the newest technology credible, responsible and accountable.

Stating that the dissemination of information content through the use of new technology would be made even more effective by enhancing the credibility of the new media in the long run, he said, “Some policy provisions made by the government that has encouraged the use of technology and the promotion of the journalism sector are for regulation and management, but not for control.”

He viewed that the responsibility of the mainstream media and media persons has further increased with the expansion of the social networking sites.

“There remains the risk of a person being harmed, and family and society being broken and ultimately the State becoming weaker due to the false and biased news and information. Therefore, journalists and the journalism sector should be serious and sensitive in fulfilling the professional responsibility of disseminating true, fair and balanced news and information,” PM Dahal said.

Stating that the programmes being broadcast 24 hours through all channels from Nepal Television for also reaching the activities of the provincial and local governments to the mass audiences as per the spirit of federalism are worth appreciating, the Prime Minister called for strengthening the mutual goodwill and national unity by internalizing the spirit of the constitution.

He expressed the confidence that the Nepal Television will fulfill its duty towards the State and responsibility towards citizens without controversy as NTV is the official and responsible broadcasting institution.



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