Police attack immigration official at TIA

KATHMANDU: The Tribhuvan International Airport Immigration Office has alleged that one of its officers has been assaulted by police.

A dispute had arisen between the immigration officials and the police during the checking.

“Police usually do not check passengers properly. A minor dispute occurred when police tried to check Moktan sir (Chhayalal Moktan) even after he get past the metal detector . A group of four to five police personnel came and took him to the corner and assaulted him,” an immigration official said.

Following the incident, immigration officials called Gogan Bahadur Hamal, Chief at the Immigration Office, there.

A team including Hamal, a staffer, who was physically attacked, and police personnel watched the CCTV footage.
“When Moktan was seen brutally attacked in the CCTV footage. Hamal sir tried to inquire about the incident with the police, but they even assaulted him,” the source said.

TIA police office chief Arjun Chand said that the dispute occurred during the checking.

He claimed that police attacked the immigration official after he kicked the police personnel first.





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