Plans afoot to allow province governments to print driving license cards: Minister Jwala

KATHMANDU: Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Prakash Jwala, has said preparations are being made to devolve the authority of printing driving license smart cards to the province governments.

Addressing a training program organized by the CPN (Unified Center), Central School Department here today, Minister Jwala shared that the right to print the driving license is being given to the provinces for providing services to the people in a smooth manner.

According to him, the application for the driving license and the payment for the same can be made online. “We have held consultations on this matter with the province government ministers and secretaries concerned some days back. The driving license distribution and related services should be now done at the province level. That meeting had come to this conclusion,” he said.

The transport minister stated that the Ministry is actively involved in the homework for making this service more effective and reliable. He added that the Ministry has carried out some good works despite the limitations. “We have made arrangements for making online applications and payment. We have exposed the irregularities in the driving license and some 29,000 fake licenses have been revoked. Nearly 100,000 fake licenses which are already printed are in the process of annulment,” he added.

Minister Jwala vowed to carry out further investigation and to punish those involved in this scam.



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