Ambassador of Kazakhstan to India Zhalgasbayev visits Nepal

KATHMANDU: Ambassador of Kazakhstan to India, Nurlan Zhalgasbayev, visited Nepal at the invitation of renowned industrialist and Managing Director of Chaudhary Group, Varun Chaudhary, who is also Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Nepal.

During his stay in Nepal from January 13-16, held meetings Foreign Ministry NP Saud, Joint Secretary S.R. Aran and Chief of Protocol D.K. Paudel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also, officials from the Ministry of Finance.

The discussions primarily cantered around bilateral and multilateral political cooperation.

On the occasion, a decision was made to draft a comprehensive bilateral agreement, encompassing the establishment of political consultations between the foreign ministries of Kazakhstan and Nepal.

The draft agreement also included provisions for visa exemptions for passport holders seeking diplomatic, study, employment, tourism, and other purposes in Kazakhstan.

Both countries are also exploring the possibility of signing an agreement focused on trade, protection, and the promotion of bilateral investments. The Kazakhstan Embassy, through its website, emphasised a shared commitment to collaboration in various sectors crucial for Nepal’s development, such as hydropower, agriculture, information technology, and electronic government services.

Chaudhary expressed optimism about the potential benefits of the path-breaking collaboration. He underscored the importance of collective efforts to address challenges related to various sectors such as trade, economy, transport, communication, and the promotion of bilateral investments, including double tax exemptions.

The scion of Nepal’s leading industrial house, the eponymous Chaudhary Group (CG), underlined the need for a streamlined process for Nepali nationals seeking opportunities in Kazakhstan for study, employment,  business, and other purposes.

He exuded confidence that a growing cooperation with energy-rich Kazakhstan will significantly contribute to the economic and social development of Nepal, which is blessed with natural resources, including abundant hydel power potential, in turn, leading to mutual development and prosperity. He hoped that a proposed collaboration would foster bilateral ties between Nepal and Kazakhstan.

CG Corp Global acquired an existing noodle factory in Kazakhstan in 2018 under the locally known brand, KAZAN, which has been modified suitably to produce the diversified conglomerate’s flagship product Wai Wai Ready-To-Eat Noodles. The production started in May 2019 to supply products in 12 countries of Central Asia.

The Wai Wai brand is already a market leader in Nepal and North East India.  The Wai Wai product is available around the world in over 30 countries, and is spreading its manufacturing base to Europe, Middle East, Africa, and other countries in South Asia.






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