Fake doctor Bhattacharya in police net

KATHMANDU: A team of Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office made public a fake doctor arrested from Kathmandu.

Sambuddha Bhattacharya (40) of Biratnagar-2 and currently residing at Bansbari, Kathmandu was made public today.

Police said that he had been treating patients by carrying fake documents saying that he had done MBBS from Kathmandu and had also been working at the Maharajgunj-based Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital.

It has been said that he had been cheating people from the name of Dr S Bhattacharya by making fake certificates of education institutions and Nepal Medical Council.

According to police, Bhattacharya had already treated 630 patients at the Naxal-based B Care Polyclinic in nine months.

According to a preliminary investigation, he had also treated 30 patients at the Dhaulagiri Himal Polyclinic.

Police said that Bhattacharya had been treating patients by saying that he is an endocrinologist.

In addition to that, he had also been making fake medical certificates for the people going abroad.









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