Agreement signed with private company in Malaysia cannot be implemented: Foreign Ministry

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the agreement signed by the Labour Ministry with the private company in Malaysia cannot be implemented.

Earlier, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal had directed the Labour Ministry not to implement the agreement signed with the private company with an intention to impose syndicate in the employment in Malaysia.

The Prime Minister swung into action after the Nepal Press, an online new portal, revealed the agreement signed in an illegal way.

Writing a seven-point comment, the Foreign Ministry said that the Labour Ministry through the Foreign Employment Board signed the agreement by going beyond the constitutional boundary.

Non-Resident Nepali Association and foreign employment professionals had also expressed their objections after the agreement which included all the work from the collection of the personal details of the workers was signed secretly.

The Foreign Ministry had sent the file back saying that the agreement could not be implemented after a question of authenticity was raised over the deal.

In the seven-point comment signed by Under Secretary Hari Kanta Paudel, a question has also been raised over taking USD 45 per worker.

The Foreign Ministry has raised the question of authenticity saying that the contract was given to a private company without open competition and without holding consultations with the ministry and mission.

The ministry clarified that the personal details of the Nepali workers cannot be given to any foreign private company.







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