Water Supply Ministry urges to not doubt quality of Melamchi water

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Water Supply has urged one and all to trust the quality of water supplied through the Melamchi Drinking Water Supply Project which was resumed from Monday in the Kathmandu Valley.

Issuing a notice today, Ministry Joint Secretary and Spokesperson, Meena Shrestha, said the water supplies from the Melamchi River meet the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards as it is distributed to consumers only after processing it at the water processing plant at Sundarijal.

The Ministry said that initially, the water may appear muddy due to soil residues within the water pipes, a consequence of the prolonged disruption in water supplies. It assures the public that the water will become clear with continued flushing after the resumption of regular supplies. The notice urged consumers not to be swayed by rumors and to trust in the water quality.

Simultaneously, the government has established a facilitating committee to address any issues in the Melamchi drinking water supplies. In case consumers encounter problems, they are requested to contact the committee.  The government aims to supply 170 million litres of water daily from the Melamchi River in Sindhupalchowk to meet the needs of the Kathmandu Valley.


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