Melamchi water distribution in Kathmandu from today

KATHMANDU: Much-awaited Melamchi water distribution is starting in Kathmandu Valley from today.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is scheduled to inaugurate the Melamchi drinking water diversion and redistribution from the premises of the Prime Minister’s Office at Singha Durbar.

Secretary at the Ministry of Drinking Water, Suresh Acharya, said that water would be gradually distributed in Anamnagar, Minbhawan, Mahankalchaur, Rigni, Bhaktapur, Khumaltar, Balaju and Bansbari areas.

He said the water released into the tunnel from Ambathan of Sindhupalchowk reached Sundarijal last Wednesday and the quantity of drinking water will be measured and distributed to all areas of Kathmandu gradually.

PM Dahal had directed Minister for Drinking Water Mahendra Ray Yadav to make arrangements to bring Melamchi water to the capital.

Following the directives of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Drinking Water has taken initiative to bring water by repairing the Melamchi Drinking Water Project. Melamchi water, which was disrupted due to floods and landslides, has been brought back to Kathmandu.

On December 19, the Melamchi Drinking Water Development Committee and construction company, Sino Hydro, had reached an agreement to bring Melamchi water to Kathmandu within 28 days.

Around 170 million liters of water are being brought to Kathmandu daily from Melamchi. The source area of the project was damaged after a flood and landslide occurred in Melamchi rivulet on June 15, 2021.

Since then, Melamchi water has not been distributed regularly in Kathmandu.

The government has continued its efforts to bring Melamchi water to Kathmandu on a regular basis.




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