Judge Buwan Giri’s wife attempts self-immolation on SC premises (With video)

KATHMANDU: Judge Bhuwan Giri’s  wife Arati Giri tried to set herself on fire on the premises of the Supreme Court on Sunday.

Arati Giri had entered the premises of the Supreme Court by dodging the security personnel.

Soon after she entered the apex court premises, she poured petrol over her body.

She was wearing the t-shirt written “Justice or Death”.

But police intervened while she was trying to set herself on fire.

Later, the security personnel took her to the hospital.

It has been learnt that Arati is the first wife of Judge Bhuwan Giri.

Earlier, she had hurled a shoe at his husband in the Kathmandu District Court.

She had also registered a marital rape case against Bhuwan.



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