Agreement signed with India is against national interest: UML Whip Bartaula (With video)

KATHMANDU: The main opposition CPN-UML has alleged that the agreement signed to allow the Indian Embassy to invest up to Rs 200 million in Nepal was against the national interest.

Speaking at the meeting of the Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, UML Whip Mahesh Bartaula demanded that Parliament be informed about the agreement signed by the government.

“Is the current agreement according to Article 5 of the Constitution of Nepal?” Has this agreement been signed to safeguard Nepal’s independence and sovereignty independence? Can you guarantee this? Bartaula questioned the Prime Minister.

This is not the matter of pride, he said.

Leader Bartaula was of the opinion that the agreement was against the Constitution.

“The government needs the permission of the Parliament to spend a penny within the four pillars of Nepal. The government cannot spend the money without the Parliament’s consent. However, a country cannot make any decision against the Constitution,” he said.


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