PM Dahal against imposing additional financial burden to migrant workers on foreign employment

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has instructed the Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Social Security to refrain from making or implementing decisions that would impose additional economic burden on migrant workers seeking jobs abroad.

During a meeting today with the labor minister, secretary, and departmental employees at the Office of the Prime Minister, he urged the authorities concerned to not take any move and implement a decision capable of causing additional economic burden on migrant workers going on foreign employment.

Recognising the significant contribution of Nepali migrant workers to the nation’s economy, the Prime Minister was against imposing additional service charges, which have reportedly increased recently.

Expressing concern about aspiring migrant workers on foreign employment falling victim to usury and intermediaries, he proposed an idea of providing soft loans to support their travel expenses. Likewise, he directed the maximum utilisation of Social Security Fund (SSF) by investing the fund and projects that yield optimal results. The Prime Minister underlined the need to encourage returning workers to engage in entrepreneurship, utilizing their knowledge, skills, and capital.

He called for prioritising the participation of workers from formal, official, foreign employment, and self-employment sectors in the SSF. The Prime Minister sought an end to the situation requiring citizens to visit Kathmandu for small tiny affairs regarding the foreign employment. Such services should be available at the local level as much as possible, he added.

During the meeting, Minister for Labour, Employment, and Social Security, Sharad Singh Bhandari, highlighted the ongoing digitisation of the global labor market and the need for Nepal to modernize its labor market accordingly. He informed the meeting about the Ministry’s preparations for observing the Internal Employment Promotion Decade, aiming to create job opportunities for youths within the country.

Chief Secretary Dr. Baikuntha Aryal talked about the positive trend of people from India exploring self-employment opportunities in Nepal, indicating the need to promote a labor culture to encourage Nepali youths to work within the country. He proposed the provision of soft loans for Nepalis seeking jobs abroad.

Labour Ministry Secretary Kewal Bhandari shared about the preparations for observing the Internal Employment Promotion Decade, expressing hope that it would contribute to increased employment opportunities in the country.

Secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister, Yek Narayan Aryal, raised concerns about scattered programs featuring the Prime Minister’s name, suggesting that these initiatives should be integrated and implemented in sectors that yield tangible results.



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