SC directs NAC not entertain discriminatory provisions against cabin crew

KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court has issued an interim order directing the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) to not engage in discriminatory practices regarding perks and facilities for its cabin crew.

A single bench of Justice Til Prasad Shrestha directed the NAC management not to take any actions leading to discrimination against cabin crew in the allocation of facilities.

Senior advocates, including Dr. Chandrakant Gyawali, Ananta Raj Luintel, Kirtinath Sharma Poudel, Leeladhar Upadhyay, Pratibha Upreti, and Bishal Thapa, represented the petitioners in court. The order prohibits the NAC from terminating contracts, taking adverse actions, or intervening in facilities for cabin crew based on their appointment status.

On January 3, the entire cabin crew, numbering 135, filed a petition at the Supreme Court, citing injustice and discrimination in the provision of facilities.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, and the NAC were made the defendants.

The cabin crew alleges that the NAC has implemented discriminatory policies against them, treating them as second-class individuals in violation of the law.

They specifically challenge the provision allowing retirement of cabin crew at the age of 40, termination at any time with one month’s compensation, appointment on a contractual basis throughout their service, and deprivation of gratuity.


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