BA Economics grad Aditya Goenka pledges socio-economic transformation of Nepal’s less privileged with Vetiver

Aditya Goenka, a development student from Nepal, achieved the top position at Richmond American University in London, earning a BA in Economics. His outstanding performance got him rare offers from both Cambridge and the London School of Economics for pursuing his Master’s degree.

Aditya was honored with the prestigious ‘Best Student’ and ‘Dean’s’ Awards, and he also received the ‘Best Student Award’ in Mathematics.

Aditya has pledged to transform the socio-economic poise of the lesser privileged in Nepal and take his model of development all over the developing world. He leads a platform called Vetiver Nepal ( that is changing the landscapes of development in Nepal.

He has picked up on vegetation called Vetiver as a catalyst for sustainable & inclusive development. His works span areas of Soil & Water Conservation, Disaster Mitigation, wastewater reclamation, Groundwater Recharge, Carbon Sequestration, Phytoremediation of marginal lands, and Substitution of Fossil Fuel with Green Energy, inter alia. Revolutionary impact is brought out across a broad spectrum of applications of which the aforesaid ones constitute a few.

Vetiver, he asserts, is most likely the only catalyst that impacts all the 17 SDGs in Nepal.

Below is a presentation from the young protagonist of sustainable development.

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