Transformation in educational policy, curriculum, structure necessary: PM Dahal

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has pointed out the need for transformation in educational policy, curriculum and structure for the reform of the country’s education sector.

Addressing the Kantipur Education Summit ceremony here today, Prime Minister Dahal mentioned that the government has been carrying out activities for reforms of the educational sector.

He shared, “In the context when Nepal’s higher education is facing global problems of globalisation, such programs will have quality contribution for policy making with our own specialties and uniqueness in light of experiences across the world.”

There are impacts of globalisation at most of the areas of national life including education, said PM Dahal, adding, “There are direct impacts of globalisation across the world. In developing countries like Nepal, its multifaceted impact exists as a challenge.  It has brought changes in economy, education, psychology and social structures of small and independent countries.”

“We can overcome this challenge only after making changes in our educational policy, curriculum, and structures”, he opined.

Stating that a negative mindset has been developed in the new generation in recent periods that there is no quality in a country’s education and it could not compete in the global market, the Prime Minister stressed the need to discourage such a mindset.

The trend of brain drain of those academic personalities and those having employment opportunities in the country due to temptation of acquiring wealth in a short period was the matter of concern, he shared.




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