Office of election officer set up for NA election in Biratnagar

MORANG: The office of the election officer has been set up in Biratnagar in view of the National Assembly (NA) election scheduled for January 25.

The province election office is established in Biratnagar, which is the voting station for Koshi Province.

Election Officer and District Court Morang’s Chief Judge, Durga Prasad Dhungel, inaugurated the election office.

On the occasion, he said all sides would extend cooperation in holding the election in a peaceful manner.

He said that discussions would be held soon with the representatives of the 12 political parties registered with the Election Commission for the purpose of the NA member election.

Election is taking place in Koshi province for two seats in the National Assembly, the upper house of the Federal Parliament.

Three hundred and sixty-seven persons, including 93 Province Assembly members and 274 mayors and deputy mayors of metropolises, sub-metropolises and municipalities, and chiefs and deputy chiefs of rural municipalities, will be voting in the election.




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