Rupandehi objects to Palpa administration’s decision to close the highway for tunnel construction

RUPANDEHI: The Rupandehi administration has objected to the decision of the Palpa administration to close the road for 100 days during night time to construct the tunnel along the Siddhartha Highway.

Three days after the Palpa administration issued a notice to close the road, the Rupandehi administration objected to the decision of the Palpa administration, making a different decision.

The Palpa administration, three days ago, had decided to close the road for vehicles except for those used in essential services from 10 pm to 4 am for 100 days to facilitate the construction of the tunnel from Monday.

The Rupandehi administration, however, said that the road should be reopened on the Ridi Mela of Maghe Sankranti and instead of 100 continuous days, it should be divided into 50-50 days. The decision to close the road should be made after the monitoring.

Confusion has gripped the general public after the two administrations under the same federal government made two different decisions.

Paschim Nepal Yatayat Pvt. Ltd Chairman Dadhiram Kharel said that the people should not suffer due to the conflict between the two administrative offices.

Chief District Officer of the District Administration Office, Rupandehi Ganesh Aryal claimed that instead of making any decision against the Palpa administration, the Rupandehi administration has amended some points.

Aryal said that a decision to close for another 50 days will be made after monitoring the progress of the work in 50 days.







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