House panel directs NTA to keep entire procurement process of Teramox on hold

KATHMANDU: The Public Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives has directed the Nepal Telecommunication Authority to keep the entire procurement process of Telecommunication Traffic Monitoring and Fraud Control System (Teramox) on hold for now.

Concluding that no policy decisions were made for study proposals and original agreement has also also not been received, a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee held on Wednesday instructed the TIA to keep the entire procurement process on hold.

The Committee had held a discussion with officials of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority and Nepal Telecom among others about the procurement of the Teramox system.

While analysing the works carried out so far by keeping the Teramox procurement process on hold, Committee President Rishikesh Pokharel said that the Committee has concluded that the process has violated the Supreme Court order.

The Committee has also directed the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority to investigate the Teramox system procurement process.






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