Bagmati Province-level security seminar begins

KAVREPALANCHOWK:  A province-level security and crime investigation seminar kicked off at Dhulikhel of Kavrepalanchowk today.

The two-day event jointly organised by the Bagmati Province ministry of Internal Affairs and Law and Bagmati Province police office is being attended by police chiefs, crime investigation officers and district attorneys from ten districts in the Bagmati Province.

According to organisers, the agenda of discussions in the event have been outlined, focusing on the current scenario of cybercrime and challenges for investigation, the crime trend prevalent in the province and the role of technology in crime. Crime investigators, prosecutors and judicial authorities are expected to engage in rigorous discussions during the seminar.

Inaugurating the programme, Bagmati Province Office’s Senior Superintendent of Police, Deepak Regmi, said the nature of crime is being changed with developed technology and the gathering will hold comprehensive discussions to develop effective investigation procedures in response to the growing challenges faced by crime investigators.

The gathering will also discuss legal hurdles encountered in the course of crime investigations, according to him.

Ministry Secretary Dhruba Gaida praised the citizen-friendly approach of the Nepal Police, noting the increasing trust of the people in the institution.

Additional Inspector General of Police Tek Bahadur Tamang, the chief of the Police Headquarters’ crime investigation department, pointed out the transformative impact of advanced technology on the nature of crime.

He stressed the importance of collaboration between crime investigating and security bodies to effectively handle criminal cases.

Kavrepalanchwok’s Chief District Officer, Rudra Devi Sharma, expressed her hope that the seminar will provide a way for sorting out obstacles in crime investigation, prosecution and judicial remedy.






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