Conflict-affected communities demand passage of bill to amend transitional justice act

KATHMANDU: The conflict-affected communities have demanded the passage of the proposed bill to amend the transitional justice act immediately and the establishment of a credible and victim-centred commission on transitional justice.

Although the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) enters into the 18th year of its signing, ending the decade-long armed conflict, the conflict survivors have been denied justice so far, they have complained.

In a statement issued today by various 20 related organizations, including the Conflict Victims Common Platform and the Conflict Victim Women National Network, they have demanded justice by immediately endorsing the bill and establishing a credible commission centering the victims.

“A commission should be formed after forming an independent and impartial recommendation committee for the establishment of a credible and victim-centered transitional justice mechanism. We want to draw the serious attention of the government to ensure the rights of truth, justice and reparation and implement the reparation-related programs based on the short and long-term needs of the victimized communities,” read the statement.

The affected communities have demanded that the parliamentary committee and the entire parliament pass the bill tabled to amend the act that is sub-judice in the parliament by using their sovereign rights in a way that is compatible with the comprehensive peace agreement, the verdict of the Supreme Court, the concerns of the victimized communities and the state’s international human rights law.

The sub-committee formed under the Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee of the House of Representatives tabled the bill in the committee around five months later.




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