Chhath festival being celebrated today

KATHMANDU: Chhath festival, one of the major festivals of the country and predominantly observed in the Tarai region, is being celebrated today by worshiping the sun.

As a major part of the festival, the setting sun is worshipped by offering argha while the same process is followed to worship the rising sun on Monday morning to bring the festival to an end.

Tonight, the revelers observe a fast and stay awake all night and offer prayers to the rising sun tomorrow morning.

Banks of rivers, streams and ponds across the country are decorated for the Chhath festival.

It is widely believed that observing a fast in obeisance of Chhathi goddess will bring desired results and well-being for the family and all of their sorrows and troubles will vanish away.

Meanwhile, the federal government has announced a public holiday today to mark the festival.



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