Poachers kill two rhinos in CNP

CHITWAN: Two rhinos have been killed by poachers in the Chitwan National Park.

Two female rhinos were found dead with their horns removed in the area, 3.5 kilometers south-east of Chaparchuli Post under the east sector of the CNP, said the CNP information officer Ganesh Tiwari.

They were killed by trapping them into ditches, he said.

“One of the deceased rhinos was six-year-old and another 18 years old. The horn of the six-year-old rhino was cut, and the horn of another one was removed.”

It has appeared that the six-year-old rhino was trapped to death in a new ditch some three days ago, and another into an old ditch some 10 days ago, he said. Investigations have been launched after taking details of the incident on Thursday evening, he said.

This year, five rhinos died natural death. Last year, poachers killed two rhinos in the Amaltari area.




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