Government decides to ban TikTok in Nepal

KATHMANDU: The government of Nepal has decided to ban TikTok, citing concerns about its impact on social harmony.

A Cabinet meeting held at the Prime Minister’s residence in Baluwatar on Monday made the decision to this effect, Rekha Sharma, Minister for Communications and Information Technology and the government’s spokesperson, said.

According to Sharma, TikTok is consistently disseminating propaganda that disrupts family structures and social relations, prompting the government to take temporary measures to regain control. “We have decided to halt TikTok for the time being to address this issue,” she stated.

The Cabinet meeting instructed the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to oversee the technical aspects of this decision. Sharma explained, “The decision to close TikTok was made today, and relevant authorities are currently addressing the technical details. The Communication Ministry and the Nepal Telecommunication Authority have already initiated preparations. It is likely that the decision will be implemented as early as today.”



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