Three held for murdering Bara school principal

DANG: Police have arrested three persons for their alleged involvement in murdering Rupesh Sarraf (36), Principal of Bal Ekata Boarding School in Kalaiya, Bara.

According to police, Sarraf was in a relationship with a married woman.

Police said that the woman’s other boyfriend had killed Sarraf.

SP Suresh Kafle, Chief at the District Police Office, Bara, said that the woman, who was in a love affair with Sarraf, was also in a relationship with another man.

The man has been trying to break their relationship. But Sarraf refused to leave her.

According to SP Kafle, another boyfriend of the woman had tried to shoot Sarraf on July 29 and September 14, but was unsuccessful.

Preliminary investigation reveals that the woman played a double role in Sarraf’s murder.

The woman said that she had assisted her other boyfriend to kill Sarraf.

The arrestees will be made public by organising a press conference today, police said.


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