Lhasa-based Nepali trader wins first award of ‘My China Story’

Awardee Tuladhar says, 'Thank you Tibet Government'

BEIJING :  A Lhasa-based Nepali trader has stood first in the recently concluded competitive ‘My China Story’ award. Among some 5000 entries from around the globe, Ratna Kumar Tuladhar’s China story titled ‘Uncle Kumar in Lhasa’ bagged first prize on 25 October at the provincial capital of Henan Province of China.

It is the fifth edition of ‘My China Story’ series. Organized by the Information Office of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government and Xufang International Media of China International Communications Group and hosted by Information Office of Henan Provincial People’s Government, the first edition was held in 2019.

Having lived in Lhasa for almost four decades, Tuladhar is elated at this lifetime achievement. He said, ‘I have been featured in various videos and news previously also. However, this is the first time I became first in the competitive award. My long-cherished dream has been fulfilled.’

Tuladhar is thankful to the government of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. He said all the filming and management is organized by the government. ‘They approached me after they knew about the competition, filmed me on various locations of Lhasa like picnic spot, marketplaces and around’, said Tuladhar, ‘They did everything and I stood first.’ Having stood first, Tuladhar is grateful to the God and thankful to the Tibet Government. While talking to Nepal Press over Wechat, he said, ‘Thank you Tibet Government.’


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