Ukrainian forces take Nepali youth serving in Russian Army under control

KATHMANDU: The Ukrainian armed forces have taken a Nepali youth serving in the Russian Army under control.

Anton Gerashchenko, advisor to the Ukrainian Home Minister, confirmed the arrest of a Nepali youth by sharing a video.

He is Bibek Khatri of Bardiya.

In the video shared by Gerashchenko, Khatri has been asked some questions.

Khatri said that he joined the Russian Army just for the sake of money.

When asked about the reason for joining the Russian army, he said, “My family was facing a financial problem. My mother had no job. We were searching for a job for the money. That is why I made this decision.”

He said that one of his friends had advised him to join the Russian Army.

According to Khatri, his friend had told him that he could earn a lot of money in the Russian Army.

I wanted to return to my mother as a successful person. This is why I joined the Russian Army,” he said.

Khatri said that he joined the Russian Army by translating the language on a mobile phone.

When asked about his opinion about the war, Khatri said, “Many people have been killed. War is not the solution. All the people are equal. It is not good to kill people.”

Dubbing Putin as Hitler, he said that the Russian system is not good.





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