President Paudel extends Dashain greetings

KATHMANDU: President Ram Chandra Paudel has expressed the confidence that the festival of Bada Dashain would inspire one and all to promote social goodwill, unity, reconciliation and brotherhood by ending all sorts of ill practices.

In a message of Bada Dashain today, the President wished that may this festival provide strength to all Nepalis to obtain economic prosperity along with justice and equality. “This festival is the festival of victory of truth and defeat of evil character; victory of virtue over vice and a symbol of goodwill, brotherhood and reunion.”

The President has said that the traditionally observed such festivals have been contributing to maintaining our cultural unity and identity along with strengthening our uniqueness amid geographical, cultural and linguistic diversities.

Stating that the importance of this festival is also shared through the tradition of spontaneous expression of reverence and respect, President Paudel said that protection and promotion of the great festivals like Bada Dashain would help generate unwavering respect and deep love towards nation and nationality.

In his message, the President has expressed wishes for happiness, peace, prosperity, good health and long life to all Nepali sisters and brothers at home and abroad on the occasion of the Bada Dashain.

Likewise, the President has stated that this festival has the tradition of exchanging profound happiness after the reunion of the families on this occasion.

President Paudel has also wished for the blessings from Durga Bhawani to all for new excitement, pleasure, inspiration for good deeds and positive energy.




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