Still in fear, but trying to help fellow Nepalis in need through journalism

It was October 7, Saturday. I was heading towards my work place, a nursing home in Kiryat Malakhi of Israel.  Like every day, I reached the nursing home for duty at 6:30 am.

Abruptly, I heard a siren outside while working. A few minutes later, we started hearing the sounds of explosions. We got scared as the explosions were not like the other ordinary days.

Later, we came to know that the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas had attacked various places in Israel at the same time.

Thousands of Hamas men had killed hundreds of people by sneaking into the houses of Israelis and big business complexes.

We were not allowed to go outside the nursing home. I was not sure when the bomb would explode in our building.

A similar incident had happened almost two months ago as well. But it was completely different than this time. The sound of explosions was heard only for some time.

But, this time, the bombardment that started on Saturday has not stopped yet.

The situation is very, very tense and dangerous in the bordering areas.

We are fortunate that we are in a safer place.

The first day of the attack by Hamas was very difficult and terrifying.

Not only the family members from Nepal, other Nepalis had also expressed their concern, which gave a kind of happiness.

I was working as a journalist back home. Even after coming to the west Asian country, I devoted my remaining time to journalism.

I have also been reporting for Nepal Press from Israel and also been writing blogs and articles.

I am also a victim of the Israel-Hamas conflict. I have been staying at a safer place provided by the office after not being able to go home.

Despite being risky, I am reporting on the situation of Israel as much as possible.

On the very first day, I was able to shoot a video of the attack when all the people back home were asking each other about the situation in Israel.

Soon after Israel announced war against Hamas, there is progress in the situation.

I am in a safer place and trying to help other Nepalis who are in trouble through journalism.

The government must have been doing its best.

Ten innocent Nepali nationals had lost their lives in the attack by Hamas.

Why were they killed even though they said ‘We are Nepalis’? The Hamas organization will have to answer one day.

I just read the news that the Nepali government has decided to rescue Nepalis from the war-hit Israel.

There are around 4, 500 Nepalis working in Israel.

The initiatives taken by the Embassy of Nepal in Israel to rescue the Nepalis taking shelter in bunkers are laudable.



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