Speaker Ghimire urges govt to repatriate dead Nepalis from Israel

KATHMANDU: Speaker Devraj Ghimire has urged the government to promptly make necessary arrangements for bringing back bodies of the Nepali people killed in the Hamas-launched terrorist attack in Israel.

In a condolence message today, he also called for the government to make arrangements for repatriating interested Nepali people staying in Israel.

He expressed deep sorrow over the loss of the lives of 10 Nepali people in the lethal terrorist attack in Southern Israel.

“I urge the government to relocate all Nepali people facing risks of potential attacks to safer places, arrange repatriation of those interested and bring back bodies of those killed in the incident to home”, the message reads.

Extending wishes for the recovery of the wounded Nepali people undergoing treatment in local hospitals, he drew the government’s attention towards mobilizing all mechanisms for the search of the missing Nepali people in Israel.


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