Govt issues directive to shut down OTT and IPTV mobile apps being operated illegally

KATHMANDU: The government has issued a directive to shut down apps like OTT, VOD and IPTV that are being operated illegally on mobile phones.

The Information and Broadcasting Department under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has directed the concerned authority to shut down OTT and VODs being operated without taking a license.

The department has directed the institutions that are operating OTT, VOD and IPTV services without permission to stop the services immediately, saying that this is not only illegal, the government has also been losing billions of rupees in revenue.

Nepal apps such as Dishhome Go, TV Mobile App and Via TV Mobile App among others are in operation.

Dozens of foreign especially Indian apps like Netflix, Amazon, Sony etc. are taking billions of rupees from Nepal through the internet.

The government has not yet paid attention to shutting down those apps and operating by registering in Nepal.



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