Internet service providers found to have evaded revenue amounting to Rs 2.5 billion

KATHMANDU: It has been revealed that the Internet service providers, who have been collecting a high service charge from the customers, are found to have evaded revenue worth billions of rupees.

In the details of the 10 fiscal years made public by an investigation committee formed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, it has been mentioned that the internet service providers have evaded revenue amounting to Rs 2.5 billion.

Of the Rs 2.5 billion, it has been learnt that the World Link Communication has evaded half of the amount.

The World Link, the country’s largest ISP, was found to have evaded revenue to the tune of Rs 1.25 billion.

The investigation committee has found that the World Link has evaded revenue of around Rs 1.25 billion from fiscal year 2012/13 to 2021/2022 alone.

According to a source at the Ministry, it is the weakness of the leadership of Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the regulatory body, for not to keeping an eye on the internet service providers that have been paying the royalty by showing low income.

Earlier on October 2, the NTA had sent a letter at the direction of the Ministry to the internet service providers asking them to deposit the money that should be paid to the state within seven days.

The Authority has warned of stern action if the amount is not deposited within the given time frame.







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