Xavier International School students unveil storybooks

KATHMANDU:  The fourth and fifth graders at the Xavier International School unveiled storybooks that promise to enrapture readers of all ages amidst a programme.

These literary creations are the results of months of hard work, passion, and collaboration by the budding authors and illustrators at the Xavier International School.

The storybooks masterfully intertwine Nepali culture, folklore, and imagination, offering readers a unique and captivating literary journey.

“We are incredibly proud of our young authors and illustrators for their unwavering dedication and commitment to this project,” said Kanchan Mary, who provided mentorship and guidance to the students throughout the creative process. “They have exhibited remarkable talent and a profound appreciation for their cultural heritage.”

The storybooks stand as a testament to the students’ boundless passion for storytelling and their eagerness to share their experiences with the world. With vibrant illustrations and enthralling narratives, readers will have the chance to meet intriguing characters and embark on unforgettable adventures.

The launch of these books, titled “The Journey to My Dream,” “The Life Note,” “The Hunted Hostel,” “The Various Death” from Grade V, and “The Wishing Ponds,” “The Story of Soldiers,” “The Proud Peacock,” and “Room Number 122,” is more than just a celebration of creativity. It is an opportunity to inspire young talents to chase their dreams and aspirations. This event underscores the significance of nurturing a love for literature and storytelling in children, enabling them to discover the joy of expressing their thoughts and ideas through words and art.

The Xavier International School along with the parents of these young authors, is thrilled to rally behind and applaud this remarkable achievement. These storybooks serve as a testament to the potential and promise of our future generation, reminding us that creativity knows no age boundaries.



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