Docs take to streets today also demanding action against culprits (With video)

KATHMANDU: Doctors have taken to the streets on Wednesday also against the frequent attacks on the medical practitioners in various parts of the country.

They have staged a demonstration in Maitighar Mandala this afternoon against the attacks on the doctors in Manipal Teaching Hospital among other places.

The doctors took to the streets demanding security following a series of attacks on health workers.

Saying that it will not be sufficient by only signing the agreement, Dr Sheshraj Ghimire, talking to journalists during the demonstration, demanded stern action against the culprits.

He said that they will continue the protest until the government detain the culprits and take action against them.

Dr Ghimire said that the assailants should not be protected and the government should not be a mute spectator even when the doctors are attacked time and again.


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