Three die of dengue infection in Tanahun

Three persons died of dengue infection in Tanahun in the past two months. All three fatalities are from Byas Municipality.

The health section of Byas Municipality informed that those losing lives to dengue infection were a 35-year-old man from ward no 10, a 15-year-old boy from ward no 11, and 13-year-old girl from ward no 2.

They died from July 1 to September 25.

Health section Chief Pramod Soti informed that dengue infection has been spreading in Damauli for the past few months. The municipality alone has 1,350 dengue patients now.

The municipality is preparing to mobilize its health workers at Damauli Hospital in the wake of a rapid rise in dengue patients. Even the hospital was complaining of shortage of human resources to provide smooth service. A doctor, two lab technicians and two others in the emergency section would be provided to the hospital, he added.

Meanwhile, the municipality has launched a public awareness campaign in every village. Search and destroy campaign would be in place to control the dengue spread.

Now, every ward is running a public health awareness campaign.

Similarly, Chief of Health Office in Tanahun, Shankar Babu Adhikari, urged one and all to maintain further alertness against dengue infection.

He expressed worry over shortage of beds in health facilities with the rise of dengue patients.

Most of patients at Damauli Hospital have dengue fever. RSS


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