Subash Chandra Nembang: A legacy of leadership in Nepali politics

Nembang Doctrine: Legacy & Impression

The political community in Nepal was deeply saddened on the 12th of September by the heart-wrenching news of the passing of veteran communist leader, seasoned parliamentarian, and former chairman of the constituent assembly, Honourable Subash Chandra Nembang, who succumbed to a heart attack.

The sudden & untimely demise of  Subash Chandra Nembang has created a void in the political sphere of Nepal. Nembang political character was determined by his impeccable strength to co-ordinate dialogue during crisis situations.  He left away the politics of Nepal with an everlasting impression of delicacy, determination, excellence, modesty, discipline & overall wisdom for political practices.

Nembang´s doctrine of politics in Nepal was truly guided by principles of constitutional hierarchy, the establishment of law & order, good governance, national interest & promotion of socialism-oriented democracy in Nepal. His efforts have been evident in the political history of Nepal as he successfully helped to develop & formulate the constitution of Nepal in 2072 B.S.

Nembang´s extraordinary presence and influence as speaker of the house (HoR) at multiple occasions has set standards for running parliament even till date. His leadership skills were both pleasing to eyes and one made for text book learning & implementation. The legacy left behind by Subash Chandra Nembang will set standards for politicians across political parties to follow his foot steps and fill into his position in days to come.

The political journey for Subash Chandra Nembang was not easy as he witnessed multiple political practices, progressive changes in constitution of the state over period of time & establishment of federal republic of Nepal. He was chosen time & again by people of Ilam  & has remained victorious from Ilam-2, in all the election ever since restoration of democracy in 2047 B.S.

As the state mourns the loss of one of the most prominent political figure of contemporary times, his absence will be realized during crisis period and the void created will demand greater period of time to fill in the blanks created by this untimely loss.  Nembang´s unparalleled ability to resolve political issues despite ideological differences made him special leader and one recognized by all. CPN- UML has not only lost their vice-president but truly one of their most believed leader.

Former Premier of Nepal K.P. Sharma Oli and colleague of  deceased leader in his statement mentioned about the loss to the party and termed Nembang as leader of consensus in political domain of Nepal. CPN-UML will find it hard to fill the void as generation next leader challenges to cope with the existing pressure to current political situation will have to fill into the shoes of veteran leader.

Nembang’s impression can be simply generalized by the fact that he overturned numerous opportunities to become part of cabinet & government. He was man of high integrity, command & ethics that ultimately allowed him praise from around the political community of the nation.

The role that Nembang played during promulgation of constitution remains as the most determining facet of his political career as he laid to the foundation of great leadership qualities during his tenure as chairman of constituent assembly twice in shortest period of time. His extraordinary skill to lead the house during crisis situations, especially when political parties with minimal presence drove into parliament to raise their voice from across different regions in Nepal allowed him greater recognition for his modest , inclusive & disciplined attitude throughout the nation.

Nembang´s neutral effort for co-operation & consensus on greater political issues laid to foundation for promulgation of constitution in a peaceful manner despite challenges and ideological differences among diverse group of political parties in Nepal.

The state has rightly honoured his valiant efforts as he walks away physically with state honours leaving behind memories of his presence, character, determination & will power to serve nation. While we will continuously miss his presence during tuff political situation, the new generation of leaders will learn from his attitude towards development of the state .

Modern day political practice that has lacked content and is often characterized by populist actions must look into actions of such leaders who always remained grounded to the existing political problems and truly knew how to overcome situation even during the worst situation.

Subash Chandra Nembang school of political practices will in days to come turn in doctrine of application & realization and his everlasting impression will drive generation of new leaders to recognize efforts that is genuine for political aspiration. In today´s time when action & application has taken back seat for political aspiration Nembang´s character, resilience, patience & ability to control issues of national interest was impeccable. Nation will rightly feel his absence in time to come but his application & real character will keep influencing people for years to come.

In changing context of politics in Nepal the practice of learning has disappeared & in this regard Nembang influence will be realized as he will leader of application in practice. He walks away for heavenly abode not only as leader of consensus but at the same time as true patriot & son of motherland.

People , parties & politics will always remember his name for his gesture of kindness, loyalty for socialism, pursuit for establishment of law & order, development of constitutional authority in Nepal.




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