Man seen in CCTV footage has murdered all four people, concludes police

KATHMANDU: A single person has murdered four persons, three of a single family, in Gairigaun, Kathmandu, police concluded.

A person arrested on Sunday was the sole responsible for the incident, police said.

Police have arrested a person captured on the CCTV today.

A source at the Kathmandu Police Range said that he was seen murdering all the persons.

Earlier, the Crime Investigation Department had apprehended Dipendra Rai who had come to inform about the incident.

A source at Range claimed that he was not involved in the mass murder.

The Range is preparing the make public the accused.

Four persons including three of a single family were murdered in Dibya Sa: Mill in Gairigaun, Kathmandu on Friday.

Kumar Bhujel (55), his wife Ambika Bhujel and mother Subhadra Bhujel of Dolakha murdered in the incident.

Nabin Rai (20) of Morang was also found dead. It has been found that he was not the worker of the mill.



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