Curfew lifted in Malangawa, prohibitory order continues

MALANGAWA: The curfew order that had been in effect in Malangawa, the district headquarters of Sarlahi, since Saturday, was lifted at 8 am on Sunday. However, the prohibitory order remains in place, according to Chief District Officer Indra Dev Yadav.

With the removal of the curfew order, life here has started returning to normalcy. Markets have reopened and transport services have resumed. A large number of security personnel have been mobilized in different parts of the city.

According to Sarlahi’s Police Chief Naresh Raj Subedi, during the period of the prohibitory order, all forms of protest programs, demonstrations and mass meetings have been banned.

The curfew had been imposed at 5 pm on Saturday to ease tension after two groups clashed, using rocks, while returning after immersing the idol of Hindu deity Krishna on Friday evening as part of the celebration of the Krishna Janmashtami festival.

Subsequent demonstrations and clashes took place in the city on Saturday, prompting the local administration to issue the curfew order. RSS



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