Tatopani border point opened for people’s movement after eight years (With photos)

KATHMANDU: The Tatopani border point wherein the people’s movement was halted after the 2015 devastating earthquake and Bhotekoshi flood has been opened after eight years on Friday.

Tatopani, the major trade point between Nepal and China, has been opened for the local people from today.

The border point has been opened for the general public coinciding Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s China visit.

Prime Minister Dahal will leave for Beijing on September 22 after taking part in the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Though the border point was opened for the import and export of the goods time and again in the past, it was not opened for the general public.

The border point has been opened for the local people of both the countries from Friday.

On the first day, 30 people of the Bhotekoshi Rural Municipality were allowed to enter the border point.

The Immigration Office, Kodari has issued a blue pass for the general public to enter China.

Rabindra Pokharal, Chief at the Immigration Office, Kodari, said that the pass has been issued to 227 persons.

The people within 30 km of the border will be allowed to enter China in the first phase.

Lawmaker Madhav Sapkota of Sindhupalchok-1 among officials of the district-based security agencies were present in the program organized to give entry to the locals.

Tatopani Customs Chief Dayanada KC said that the Chinese government is positive towards the Tatopani border point.





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