People’s representatives urged to prioritise good governance

KATHMANDU: President of Sustainable Development and Good Governance under the National Assembly, Prakash Panth, has urged people’s representatives to engage in initiatives that promote good governance.

According to him, good governance is still not priority of people’s representatives when it is a prime need of the hour. “People’s representatives are highly expected to engage in efforts aiming to combat malpractices, irregularities and corruption so as to establish good governance.”

The parliamentary committee president said,” Parliamentary committees are also needed to act efficiently against corruption, irregularities and mismanagement.”

He said efforts to promote good governance and achieve the sustainable development goals have been overshadowed due to competition among people’s representatives and political leaders to secure larger budgets for their respective electoral constituencies.

Stating the 16th five-year periodic plan has accorded top priorities to good governance, social justice and prosperity, President Panth stressed the need of importance for people’s representatives to advocate for and contribute to establishing good governance in administrative sphere and in judiciary.

Meanwhile, the Committee has constituted a three-member sub-panel under the coordination of its member Ramesh Jung Rayamajhi to monitor and assess the status of good governance.

It will also hold discussions with state bodies and the stakeholders concerned on the matter.

The subcommittee comprises Narayan Prasad Dahal and Sharada Devi Bhatta as its members.


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