Gagan Thapa protests against bill presented by Minister Gurung to amend some Nepal Acts (With video)

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress General Secretary Gagan Thapa has protested against the Bill 2080 presented by Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Dhan Raj Gurung to amend some Nepal Acts.

Speaking at the meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, he said that the Nepali Congress will not carry the weight of this.

“I want to say to the Prime Minister from here not think  that I have the majority and I can do anything I like. All the lawmakers who came here have not come just to clap. There are so many questions on this bill.  Not only the bill, the way you have been treating the Parliament should also be changed. Prime Minister Ji, be ready to face the questions in a new way,” he said.

“The provision in the bill which was brought the protect those involved in the heinous crimes through the amendment of the Civil Penal Code will not be acceptable to the Nepali Congress,” leader Thapa said, “I on behalf of Nepali Congress would like to make it clear that the system of criminalization of politics will not be acceptable to us.”

Saying that this is the draft prepared by the government formed after 2017, he urged the Law Minister not to carry the weight of this.


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