Koshi Province Deputy Speaker Srijana Danuwar discharged from hospital

KATHMANDU: Koshi Province Deputy Speaker Srijana Danuwar has been discharged from the Ganga Lal Hospital after undergoing treatment for three days.

Now, she is taking rest at her home, the Secretariat said.

Danuwar had come to Kathmandu saying that she was feeling unwell a day before the Koshi Province government sought a vote of confidence.

The ruling coalition parties in the province, however, had alleged that she went to Kathmandu with an intention to skip the meeting.

But she underwent treatment in Kathmandu by being admitted to a hospital.

Danuwar’s personal secretary Bhuwan Dahal said that she has been suffering from thyroid and pressure for a long time.

He said that it was just a coincidence that she came to Kathmandu for treatment just a day before Chief Minister Uddhav Thapa sought a vote of confidence.

Initially, Danuwar was admitted to the emergency ward of the Ganga Lal Hospital. Later, she was shifted to the cabin.

Now, her health has improved, Dahal said.


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