Kamal Thapa decides to raise the agenda of restoring monarchy again

KATHMANDU: Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal has raised the agenda of restoring the monarchy again after one-and-a-half years.

The Central Committee meeting of the party will take the decision on the issue today.

Presenting the working paper in the meeting, party Chairman Kamal Thapa said that ‘democracy with constitutional monarchy’ will be the basic idea of the RPP-N.

“The restoration of monarchy will be one of the strategic agendas of the RPP-N,” he said.

Thapa further said that the RPP-N will also take to the streets by making a strong national front to scrap secularism and federalism.

He called it the ‘Third People’s Movement’.

“The Nepali people’s movement for the Nepali people by the Nepali people for the establishment of democracy of the Nepali version is the Third People’s Movement,” he said.

Thapa also appealed to the political groups and parties for the cooperation and unity to end the corruption being exercised in the name of federal republic.

Thapa’s working paper will be endorsed by today’s meeting.

The RPP-N had formed a committee to reconsider the party’s policy pertaining to the monarchy.

The committee had suggested the restoration of the monarchy as the party’s main agenda.

The task force had presented the report with the same suggestion in the Central Committee meeting that started on Thursday.

Saying that the foreign interference has been increasing in the country of late, the task force in its report suggested that a guardian organization is needed to protect from such meddling.

It has also been explained in the report that the party could not take momentum after abandoning the agenda of restoration of monarchy.

Chairman Thapa had presented the working paper by including the same report.

The RPP-N had been demanding the restoration of Hindu state by scrapping secularism.

The party had decided to accept republicanism by abandoning the agenda of restoring monarchy.



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