CM Thapa in mood to seek vote of confidence today

KATHMANDU: Koshi Province Chief Minister Uddhav Thapa is not in a mood to seek a vote of confidence today.

Saying that he has the facility to take the vote of confidence till August 30, Thapa said he will seek the vote within that time.

He said that there is no possibility of seeking the vote of confidence today as Deputy Speaker Srijana Danuwar has left for Kathmandu this morning.

Thapa was preparing to take the vote of confidence today.

He said that the deputy speaker left for Kathmandu saying that she was not feeling well.

Thapa was of the opinion that a meeting of the Business Advisory Committee to be held at 12 pm will decide on the issue of seeking a vote of confidence.

Meanwhile, he accused the deputy speaker of breaching the parliamentary tradition.



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