Bishowambhar Prasad Shrestha unanimously endorsed as Chief Justice

KATHMANDU: The Parliamentary Hearing Committee has unanimously endorsed Bishowambhar Prasad Shrestha as the Chief Justice.

A meeting of the Committee held on Monday endorsed the name of Shrestha after the parliamentary hearing.

Shrestha had floated his opinion along with the action plan to reform the judiciary before the Parliamentary Hearing Committee.

He had presented his 18-page action plan.

As per the constitutional provision, the recommendation for the appointment of Chief Justice shall be made by the Constitutional Council and it requires to be endorsed by the Parliamentary Hearing Committee before the President makes appointment on the post.

Shrestha has been taking charge of the acting Chief Justice since August 5 after erstwhile Chief Justice Hari Krishna Karki was retired due to age-limit.

The Constitutional Council had on August 3 nominated Shrestha (63), who is the senior-most judge of the Supreme Court, as the Chief Justice.

The Committee on August 9 had sought complaints, if any, against the proposed Chief Justice, and it had received three complaints.

The complaint was required to be in decent language and supported by evidence.



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