Deputy Mayor Khatun critically injured in attack, being treated at ICU in Neuro Hospital

JANAKPURDHAM: Deputy Mayor of Pacharauta Municipality Nasima Khatun, who was critically injured after being attacked by a group of people by sneaking into her house, has been admitted to the ICU ward of a hospital.

She is being treated at the ICU ward of the Parwanipur-based Neuro Hospital.

Oranjeb Alam, her relative, said, “She is not in a condition to speak. She is being treated at the ICU ward of the hospital.”

A group of unidentified persons had attacked Khatun at her house in Bairiya on Saturday night.

They had also assaulted Khatun’s husband Newaji Ansari and other members of her family.

It has been suspected that the cadres of Janata Samajbadi Party had attacked Khatun and other members of her family.

Oranjeb, who is said to be a relative of the deputy mayor, said that he has no idea who attacked them.

SP Hobendra Bogati, Chief at the District Police Office, Bara, said that they are looking into the case.

According to him, two groups had a clash in Deputy Mayor Khatun’s house.


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