UML sets criteria for party programmes

KATHMANDU :  The CPN (UML) has introduced five-point criteria aiming to further systematise party-related public programmes.

A meeting of the party took place on August 14 endorsed the criteria in view of its public events in the days to come.

As per the meeting decision, the use of a photo, apart from that of the party chair, has been restricted in a public event to be organised by party committees and various organisations aligned to the party.

Likewise, the stage is to be occupied by only those who are speakers for the event and seating arrangements for guests, speakers and attendants shall be arranged within the audience area.

The practice of a formal seat-taking throughout the programme period is to be discontinued. Additionally, the practice of distributing unnecessary items such as badges, garlands, and shawls is to be discouraged and organiser(s) are to be encouraged to avoid unnecessary extravagance in the event. RSS


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