Smuggled gold weighs 60.716 kilograms after melting

KATHMANDU: The weight of the smuggled gold has been found to be 60.716 kilograms after melting it.

The Mint Division of Nepal Rastra Bank began the process of melting the gold on Monday morning, and the melting process has finally been completed.

The Chief of the Mint Division, Thaneshwar Acharya, stated that the total weight of the gold was found to be 60.716 kilograms after melting.

He said that now the division will test the gold’s quality within three days.

The Mint Division had removed the gold from the brake shoes on Monday, where it had been concealed and smuggled through. This action was taken after the division received a letter from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police. The total weight of the gold at that time was found to be 60.789 kilograms.

On July 18, during a cargo inspection, officials from the Department of Revenue Investigation (DRI) confiscated a substantial amount of gold concealed within the brake shoes of scooters after it had passed undetected through airport customs.

The smuggled gold, whose total weight was initially estimated to be around 100 kilograms, was brought on a Cathay Pacific Airways flight from Hong Kong.


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