Dr Yadav arrested in fake academic case released as he was found not guilty

KATHMANDU: The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police has made it clear that that Dr Ranjit Kumar Yadav, who was arrested in a fake academic certificate case, has been released after he was confirmed to be a genuine medical professional.

“We released him after there were no evidences to make him the actual defendant,” said Superintendent of Police Nawaraj Adhikari.

According to a statement issued by the CIB today, a letter from the Nepal Medical Council (MMC) stated that Dr Yadav was mistakenly suspected as a fake doctor and was released on the same confirmation by the NMC. “Based on the letter, and other evidences, it is confirmed that Dr Ranjit Kumar Yadav was not the defendant in the case, and it seemed not necessary to keep him in custody for investigations. So he has been released in the presence of the concerned persons.”

Dr Yadav was arrested on August 10 from Bhaktapur on suspicion of possessing the fake academic certificate.

Earlier, lawmaker Sunil Sharma, who was arrested in the same case, was released on a general date.

The CIB arrested other six doctors over the fake certificates scam and has launched investigations.


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