Madhav Nepal bystander in Ambassador Paudel’s manpower business

KATHMANDU : Nepali Ambassador to Malaysia Dilli Raj Poudel has misused former prime minister and CPN (Unified Socialist) Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal, who had left Kathmandu for Indonesia, to promote his business by convincing him to land in Malaysia.

The government had already alerted Ambassador Paudel, who represents Nepal in Malaysia where nearly 600, 000 Nepali workers are employed, saying that he is busy in his manpower business.

This time, Paudel has floated his business proposal to the Malaysian government with former prime minister Nepal as a witness.

Saying that CPN (Unified Socialist) Chairman Nepal will serve as the prime minister of Nepal after one year, Paudel also arranged a meeting between Nepal and high-ranking government officials of Malaysia.

Madhav Nepal witness in ambassador’s business

Saying that Nepal is the next prime minister, he arranged his meeting with Malaysian Home Minister Saifuddin on Tuesday.

On the same occasion, Ambassador Paudel presented a draft of an eight-point proposal in what he said was the welfare of Nepali workers, one of the participants who attended the meeting said.

Saying that Paudel has been busy in his business since the day he was appointed as the ambassador, manpower businessmen have submitted evidence to the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

With Nepal as a witness, this time, Paudel has presented a proposal to open a security guard training centre and not to send those who have not received training.

An official at the embassy said, “There are also many persons in the Home Ministry who can do anything for the money. Ambassador Paudel is planning to compel the Nepal government through them saying that Malaysia will hire only those persons as security guards who have received training and to earn billions of rupees by forming a syndicate of the training centre in Nepal.” “A person like the former prime minister should have met the Malaysian government officials by enquiring about everything.”

Why did Madhav Nepal go to Malaysia?

Was Madhav Nepal’s visit to Malaysia as planned? Not only the government, his secretariat is also not aware of this.

Personal secretary of former minister Nepal CPN (US) leader Mohan Gautam said that party Chairman Nepal has no program to attend in Malaysia.

Gautam told Nepal Press, “Madhav Nepal had left for a five-day foreign visit. He had no programs to attend in Malaysia. We are unaware about the deal. Nepali ambassador to Malaysia may have organized a program.”

Ambassador in earning business

In the eight-point proposal presented to the Malaysian Home Minister, Paudel said that some are related to the welfare of the workers while some are to serve his own business interests.

He has also included a point to return 10, 000 Nepalis who are living illegally in Malaysia.

Similarly, he has also floated a proposal in a way to take all the businesses including medical screening by himself.

He has given importance to the proposal to produce workers according to the needs of Malaysia by opening a training center certified by the Malaysian government in Nepal.

Manpower businessmen said, “Opening a training centre designated by Malaysia means to form a syndicate in the name of a training centre in Nepal. The main objective of the ambassador is to collect billions of rupees in the name of training and to form a syndicate in the manpower also. Madhav Nepal may not know this.”

He claimed that he included those issues for the welfare of the workers.

Meanwhile, it has been learnt that the manpower companies have to pay the ambassador to certify the labour demand from the Malaysian employers.

An official at the embassy said, “A manpower businessman had committed a suicide a few days ago in Malaysia because of the ambassador. Corruption is rife. But the government does nothing to the ambassador.”

How did Paudel become an ambassador?

Dilli Raj Paudel is not from the foreign service background. He was not a professor or an expert in diplomatic matters. He is also not a politician.

The coalition government appointed him as the ambassador from the quota of CPN (US).

Paudel, who lives in the United States, became close to CPN (US) senior leader Jhalanath Khanal during this treatment.

Paudel became the ambassador at the recommendation of Khanal.

















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