NAFEA stages protest in front of Immigration Department for barring migrant workers from flying (video)

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA) staged a demonstration in front of the office of the Department of Immigration on Sunday.

The protest was held after the department barred many migrant workers from flying with valid work permits who were scheduled to travel to countries including Kuwait and Jordan.

The protestors have demanded the resignation of the Director General of the Immigration department.

Rajendra Bhandari, the chairman of the NAFEA, said that they had to take it to the streets as the Immigration department barred these migrant workers from flying without any valid reason.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the department’s actions and warned that the protest will continue until the immigration department is compensated for the suffering caused to the workers for not letting them go.

He said, “More than 190 aspiring migrant workers have been barred from flying. We will continue the protest until the department takes responsibility and compensates for the losses suffered by those people.



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