PM Dahal directs chief ministers to speed up implementation of federalism

GANDAKI : Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has directed chief ministers of all seven provinces to expedite the implementation of federalism in a manageable way.

He was inaugurating the meeting of chief ministers of all seven provinces here in Pokhara today.

“First of all I would like to thank Chief Minister of Gandaki Province and Gandaki Province Council of Ministers for organising the meeting and wish for its success. I believe the meeting that took place for the second time since the promulgation of the constitution will play an important role in further strengthening federal democratic republic and consolidating relations between provinces.”

The federal governance system that was brought with struggles of people ending around 250 years of unitary system is facing implementation challenge, he said. “We have made encouraging achievements around seven years into the promulgation of the constitution. Elections of all three levels for their second term have been concluded. Province capitals of all seven provinces have been designated and named,” he said.

Likewise, the Prime Minister informed that 80 Acts relating to the implementation of federalism, and 165 laws have been amended, and some other important acts were in the phase of promulgation.

He said the first meeting of the National Coordination Council as provided for in the same Act has been scheduled for Saturday in Pokhara, the provincial capital of Gandaki, itself. The PM added that discussions and interaction are held with the chief ministers from time to time at the Prime Minister level itself and a system has been developed for holding the meeting of the National Development Problems Resolution Committee with the participation of the chief ministers.

The meeting has been attended by chief ministers of six provinces. However, Chief Minister of Koshi Province missed the event. RSS


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